Embed an OpenAI Assistants

For Freeon your website

Free your customer support from repetitive questions. Get a free AI assitant embedded on your site and trained on your data.
Acme Support
Hey how can I help?
What are your opening hours?
Today we opened at 9am and we will close at 10pm
  • Zero Markup.

    Pay only for what you use and directly at OpenAI

  • Unlimited messages.

    Send unlimited messages for free and forever.

  • 10.000 Files

    Upload up to 10K files to train your assistant on your website and data.

  • Choose your model

    Use GPT-3.5 to save money, or use GPT-4 for max performance.

  • Built for speed

    Incredibly fast, with zero dependencies and no impact on loading times

  • Embed on any website

    Embed our widget on your website in 30 seconds.

Why for free?

Unlike most of our competitors we don't markup OpenAI prices. You simply pay for what you use, directly to them. This is fair for you and doesn't cost us.

Optionally you can upgrade to unlock features like remove branding, however, receiving and sending messages will always be free and unlimited.

How can I train it?

You can upload up to 10.000 files. These can be PDF files, docs, markdown or anything you have related to your business.

The assistant will parse them and will look for the answer in those files when it receives a question.

Do I need an OpenAI account?

Yes, we are based on their tech so you will need to connect your API keys.

The good news? Even if you decide to delete your account with us, you will keep the trained assistant!